Club Discipline

Any member, player or supporter who, by word, act or demeanour, is considered to have brought the club into disrepute, will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee, as required by the club disciplinary procedure.


i. The Club Secretary will write/contact the alleged offender detailing the circumstances and will require an answer within fourteen (14) days, with a copy sent to the relevant Club Team Manager in the case of the alleged offender being a player.

ii. If the alleged offender responds, the Disciplinary Committee will deal with the situation as necessary. They shall consider all available evidence.

iii. Failure of the alleged offender to respond to the correspondence of the Club Secretary will result in a further letter being sent to the alleged offender, stating that disciplinary action is being considered.

iv. If the alleged offender still does not respond, the Disciplinary Committee will deal with the situation as necessary. They will consider all available evidence.

d. Disciplinary Action may include:
Verbal warning
Written Warning
Severe Reprimand in writing
Suspension or a ban from the club

e. In the event of a severe reprimand in writing, suspension or a ban involving Club Team Management the Disciplinary Committee may at their discretion require a change of team management or withdrawal of the team from all competitions and possible expulsion from the club.

f. After meeting with the disciplinary committee you may request a right to appeal and a further hearing will take place with an Appeals Panel, the appeals committee s decision is final.